Will Underground Electronic Pet Fencing Really Work for My Dog?

Yes, provided you work with a pet containment professional that knows dogs and is backed up by an organization whose sole mission is to keep your dog safe, happy and healthy on your property.

Underground electronic pet fencing was first invented over twenty-five years ago by a man named Richard Peck who saw dogs tied up, penned in small kennels or running loose in the street after escaping from a traditional fence. He knew there had to be a better way, so he invented an electronic pet containment system that utilized a dog’s ability to follow and learn a training protocol that is based on consistent reinforcement.

Since then millions of pet owners like yourself have found electronic pet containment to be a highly effective means to keep their dog safe at home in the yard, where he can get plenty of healthy exercise and have room to run. You’ll even enjoy your dog more because a tired dog is a well-behaved dog!

Electronic pet containment is only a fraction of the cost of a traditional wooden fence, you’ll save money and protect the beauty of your yard too. It is also a great solution for that escape artist dog that keeps getting out of a traditionally fenced yard.

What Should I Look For in a Pet Containment System?

There are a number of things you should be looking for when you choose an electronic pet containment system to protect your dog. First is to look for an established company that provides safe and proven products with a professional national dealer organization. They should be a leader and innovator in the pet containment industry, who not only provide you with high quality safe equipment designed for the rough wear of dogs, but also pro vide you with professional customized installation, and a positive reinforcement based training protocol reinforcement based training protocol that is provided by an experienced local pet containment professional.

The pet professional should know dogs and be focused on the best way to contain your dog safely, which he should back up with a performance guarantee for containment. You should also make sure you receive a manufacturers’ lifetime warranty on all the equipment. Both a performance guarantee and a lifetime warranty are very important since you want to not only protect your pet long-term, but also your investment in his safety.

Finally, make sure whomever you choose to help keep your dog safe at home has recommendations of local veterinarians, local humane organizations and a national humane organization, such as the ASPCA.

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