Why Doggie Day Care?

In order to understand the need for your dog to be in day care, you must think back to the origination of dogs. Dogs are pack animals by nature. They are happiest with groups of dogs. Doggie day care gives your dog the opportunity to interact with other dogs, while still being supervised.

Things to look for in a quality day care environment:

A quality day care will weed out unwanted clients for the good of all the dogs. Not all dogs have been sufficiently socialized to interact with humans or other dogs. In fact, sad but true, some dog owners actually encourage aggressive behavior under the guise of having “watch dogs”. These dogs are not optimum day care clients.

Health screenings should be in place for the physical well being of the clients. All dogs should provide documentation of having received inoculations against rabies and kennel cough. Fecal screenings should be done to rule out Heartworms.

The best facility is a “cage less” environment, one that allows freedom of movement, a variety of activities and toys for stimulation. Many dogs today suffer from obesity due to a lack of exercise. Large play environments will provide that much needed exercise. Fresh purified air and bottled water will add to the enjoyment of the pets, while providing a healthier atmosphere. Bottled water cuts done on bacteria, decreasing the chance of spreading of germs. Purified air not only provides freshness, it decreases airborne bacteria.

A well staffed, well-run facility will provide frequent outdoor walks. This will supplement your training of your dog’s bathroom habits. All too often however, day cares allow dogs to defecate inside. This leads to the confusion of the animal and unwanted “accidents” indoors.

When looking at day cares look for ones that encourage tours of the facility. A day care that provides internet viewing of your dogs activity gives you peace of mind. A good day care provider should be adequately staffed to provide a ratio of one person to no more than ten dogs.

It is a known fact that both owner and dog suffer from separation anxiety. Choosing to put your beloved pet in a quality day care will diminish those anxieties, while increasing your dogs health and well being.

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