When Algae Has Taken Over, It’s Plecos To The Rescue

Algae can come in many different forms. Free floating, algae can make your water green. Substratum algae can coat the glass, rocks and ornaments in an aquarium as well as stringy hair algae.

The Plecostomus Catfish from South America can be the answer to algae problems in your aquarium. Plecos are great for keeping your aquarium looking great and they’re also very cool looking. The Pleco has a “sucker” mouth that quickly gets green algae under control.

There are over 100 species of Plecos such as, the Zebra Pleco with black and white horizontal stripes; the Gold Nugget Pleco, with little gold dots over its whole body, and the Snowball Pleco with black and white dots. Plecos can be identified by “L-numbers,” and are readily available in your aquarium stores.

Introduce Plecos after the aquarium has been established with fish for at least 6 weeks. Increase light to turn brown algae green since Plecos only eat green algae.

If there is not enough algae in the tank, Plecos need Spiralina wafers to supplement their diet. These wafers will also be eaten and benefit all of your bottom feeders.

If the common species out grows your tank, recycle it to your aquarium store and purchase another small one. You can also purchase a Pleco that stays small. We recommend a “rubber Pleco” for just this reason.

Now, for your “green water” problems begin by covering the aquarium for 4 days and use a “sponge” to remove phosphate. The long-term solution for green water is a UV sterilizer. In ponds, a UV sterilizer is the best solution.

Keeping a clean aquarium is healthy for your fish. Let Plecos be the heroes in the tank and make all your water friends happy.

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