What is Aquatic Therapy? Exercise and Water

Aquatic exercise offers many benefi ts to our pets, whether they are service pets, sporting pets, competition pets, or good old couch potato pets.

One type of pool that is used is the specially designed Endless Lap Pool. It offers the smoothing effects of warm water during exercise. This allows the pet’s muscles to relax and stretch. Some other added features are water jets that help stimulate circulation and increase relaxation.

Your pet with arthritic joints will have the ability to walk, stand and move easier after sessions of swimming and aquatic massage. Aquatic exercises allow minimal weight bearing while exercising which is easier on their joints, helping to build up muscle and endurance.

Overweight pets benefit by being able to work longer during exercise with less stress on their joints. This exercise along with a good balanced diet from your veterinarian will help pounds fade and good muscle tone will appear.

Pets who need to be conditioned and maintain their weight in order to compete in their area of competition find aquatic exercise is a safer and faster way to build their stamina and muscle mass.

Your veterinarian may recommend aquatic exercise as a part of your pet’s rehabilitation following some injuries or surgery. The benefits again are many for muscle mass, circulation, or movement.

Remember, swimming and having fun are benefits to all pets.

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