Weight Loss – Comprehensive Rehabilitive Therapy for Surgical Recovery or Weight Loss

What’s the hottest new thing for your “pleasingly plump” pet? How can your “Fat Fido” ever hope to get up off that sofa and resume a reasonable level of exercise and activity?

Obesity and lack of exercise is not only the most common source of health problems in the human population in America today, it is the number one reason for pain and discomfort in our dogs and cats as well. But, there’s hope: Pet Spas and Rehabilitation Centers are cropping up all over the area. Now, not only can 2-legged patients sign up for sessions with a personal trainer, but Tabby and Spot can also spend a relaxing afternoon in the capable hands of a trained pet exercise and massage therapist. Injured, post-surgical, arthritic, or overweight pets can enjoy the same kind of personalized fitness and guided exercise therapy program previously available only for humans. Underwater Treadmills and Hydrotherapy Pools, available at some spas, are of great benefit in treating these and other conditions in 4-legged creatures.

Licensed and carefully trained personnel can make all the difference in the speed of your pet’s recovery to full activity without injury or relapse. A veterinarian or licensed technician can become certified in one or more forms of rehabilitative therapy (similar to the training of a human physical therapist, but focusing on 4 legs at once rather than 2).

Most human physicians now accept acupuncture as an excellent pain control therapy. Most dogs and cats will respond dramatically to a series of acupuncture treatments (and surprisingly, they don’t mind it too much). A veterinarian certified through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association can also do wonders to improve flexibility, decrease pain, and get post-surgical patients jumping back on the sofa again, using gentle pet-chiropractic techniques that can have an immediate and positive effect.

So stop moping around and scooping out pet cemeteries; your pet will be up and running in time for next year’s Olympics after a few months of Rehabilitative therapy. So put the lid on the potato chips and get the car warmed up! See you soon!

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