Want A Healthy Pet? Go Hi-Tech

There have been a multitude of advances in Veterinary Medicine in the past few years. Ultrasound, endoscopy, and even CAT Scan or MRI are available AND within the budget of many clients. Fortunately, these advanced diagnostic tests are rarely needed over the lifetime of our pets – they’re expensive! Nevertheless, it’s nice to know they’re available


Recently, an instrument has found a place in the Veterinary Diagnostic market that is not only “Hi-Tech” but also useful for medical problems encountered on a daily basis.

The VideoVetscope is a versatile device that is primarily used for evaluation of the ear canals in dogs and cats. “The Scope” enables the veterinarian to obtain a view of the entire ear canal and the eardrum that, until now, has been impossible. The science behind the device is a patented lens system and miniature camera that provides a clear, color image to a television monitor. The veterinarian sees this image in “real-time” and can capture that image and print it as a picture or save it to a computer disc.

These images are then reviewed for their diagnostic value, used to formulate a rational treatment plan, and monitor improvement. Additionally, the magnification and superior image obtained enable the veterinarian to flush debris from the ear, obtain bacterial cultures, take biopsies, and explore the deeper structures of the ear that have been inaccessible until now.

I know what you are thinking, “A fancy machine like this is bound to cost a lot of money – I doubt I can afford to have my pet evaluated with it!” Here, you are wrong. Ear problems in dogs and cars are common disorders and are encountered by veterinarians everyday. Therefore, the number of pets that will benefit from a VideoVetscope exam will be numerous and the cost of each exam will be affordable. Additionally, the diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic benefits of this device will save you money as your pet receives superior care, fewer visits, and an improved quality of life with less pain and discomfort.

The VidoeVetscope is not only a tool to be used for ear problems. It can be invaluable in the documentation of dental problems; it can be used to obtain biopsies of internal organs without the need for major surgery and can aid in the transmission of images to veterinary specialists who can provide expert insight into your pet’s evaluation. The versatility of this instrument is only limited by your veterinarian’s imagination.

The VidoeVetscope is a medical advancement that will provide you with the peace of mind that your pet’s medical care is being provided in a comprehensive manner. Ask your veterinarian about its availability in your area

Compliments of Dr. Kim Schiller, Colvin Run Veterinary Clinic, 703-759-4500

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