Understand Bird Behavior – Bird Weaning Avoids Whining

Healthy bird behavior begins with a properly weaned and well-socialized bird. Baby birds need to leave their “mother bird” to grow into emotionally healthy and social birds. Many avian breeders hand feed the baby birds. Hand feeding creates a bond between the person and bird. However, an over-bond may occur which is not emotionally healthy for the bird. A prospective bird owner should take home a weaned bird to avoid any unhealthy emotional issues. Some older birds on the other hand should not be overlooked as they can make the best pets.

Once a bird is in his new home, a daily routine needs to be established. Always keep in mind that whatever is done with the bird will become his daily routine. If a baby bird is constantly held, he will learn to expect it. Break this routine and the owner will have a screaming bird on his hands. In most cases, the fault lies more with the owner than the bird.

There are books on the market today to help the new bird owner better understand bird behavior. Birds are quite intelligent creatures. Different species have varied and often complex personalities. The mere observation of their behavior patterns will give you countless hours of entertainment.

It is advisable for the prospective owner to research the different species to make sure that a compatible species is chosen. Birds are often a life long pet and companion. This is a serious commitment and should not be taken lightly.

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