Transdermal Gels for Pets – Rub Rover the Right Way

Chasing down your pet to medicate may be a thing of the past with this new drug delivery system. Medications usually available orally (i.e. suspension, or tablets), intravenously, or rectally may now be compounded with a veterinarian’s approval and a compounding pharmacist’s expertise into a topically applied gel, making the administration of your animal’s medication as stressfree as possible. Transdermal gels give your animal care specialist a new option in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. Pets currently on thyroid medications, antidepressants, antibiotics, sedatives, pain medications, etc. may benefit from this new technology. The application of this gel is a simple process:

1. Apply to area where little or no fur is present (i.e. inside the ear, belly, or thigh),

2. Apply with medical gloves so that no absorption to owner occurs,

3. Massage gently, and,

4. Wash area once daily with warm cloth to keep skin pores open and clean. Once these steps are followed and absorption is complete, therapeutic drug levels will soon occur.

Check with your veterinarian or compounding pharmacist to find out if your animal’s medication can be administered with the use of these amazing gels.

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