Training- Temperament Based Training

Not all dogs respond to training in the same way. That seems to be a self-evident statement, but many trainers and training methods treat all dogs exactly alike. Just as no two people are the same, each dog is born with different abilities to process information. Because each dog’s temperament is different, ideally, all dog training would be designed individually. The key to effective dog training is understanding each dog’s temperament and adapting training techniques to best suit each dog and its abilities. Add to this equation, the fact that not all handlers respond the same and the need for individualized training becomes even more apparent.

Once a proper understanding of a dog’s temperament has been achieved, training that not only teaches an exercise, but also develops an enthusiastic attitude becomes possible. In my opinion, the goal of all training should be to produce not only a correct response, but also an eager one. A balanced, temperament based training approach is required to achieve this level of performance with each dog.

When dealing with problem behaviors, it is even more critical to make an individual temperament assessment. Different dogs can exhibit the same behaviors for different reasons. An understanding of the underlying cause is required in order to effectively deal with behavioral problems. For example, one dog may behave aggressively out of dominance and another may behave aggressively out of fear. Treating them the same may produce disastrous results.

Temperament based training allows you to meet your training goals in the most effective manner for both you and your dog.

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