Tips for Preparing Your Pet for Boarding

It’s important to prepare your pet for boarding the way you prepare yourself for a trip.

Whether it’s your pet’s first time or he’s a kennel regular, the experts at Best Friends Pet Resorts (Gaithersburg and Rockville MD, and Fairfax VA) offer the following tips:

• Update your pet’s vaccinations.Be sure the kennel requires proof of vaccination (otherwise your pet might be exposed to illness) and check with your vet about whether your pet’s inoculations need updating. It’s best to get new vaccinations at least a week in advance

• Pack your pet’s bags.Pack a supply of any special food and/or medications with written instructions. Include a familiar toy, but not his favorite in case of loss. Mark all your pet’s personal belongings with your last name (not his first name).

• Prepare a list of contacts,including your veterinarian, contact information at your vacation destination, and a local friend or family member to serve as “backup” if you can’t be reached

• Keep farewells brief and happy.A long farewell will worry your pet. So, when you drop him off, give him an affectionate but brief goodbye using a happy tone of voice. If your pet fusses, it’s best to ignore it. If you are anxious about your pet’s reaction, tell the staff. A quality kennel will be happy to take a call from a worried pet owner.

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