The Surgery Referral Hospital

The Veterinary Surgical Referral Practice has a lot of experience in a relatively small range of problems. Referral veterinarians generally have received an additional four years of training – after eight years of veterinary and undergraduate school-in their specific field.

Whether it be orthopedics, abdominal surgery, chest surgery, cancer surgery, or reconstructive surgery – referral practitioners see the same type of problems over and over on a regular basis. Therefore, because of experience and “practice,” the referral veterinarian is more prepared to recognize, diagnose, and treat your pet’s specific problem.

Advances in veterinary medicine have been made in the past 25 years to allow veterinarians access to sophisticated diagnostic tools, and to perform sophisticated surgical procedures. These may range from joint replacements, organ transplants, skin grafts, to reconstructive surgery. In today’s economic environment – it is important not only to explore the medical needs and possibilities for pets, but also to recognize the financial feasibility of the pet owner.

For the past 30 years, Beltway Surgical Referral has strived to achieve a balance of medical needs with financial feasibility. With thorough consultation between the pet owner and Dr. Goldstein, we have been able to reach this balance and provide excellent care, “fixes,” and a greatly improved quality of life for the vast majority of our referral cases.

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