The Positive Aspects of Daycare for Dogs

Dog daycare has become a household term all over the United States, especially in the metro area. More and more people are beginning to take advantage of this great service. The positive aspects of dog daycare are:

• It provides positive mental stimulation through constant contact with humans and other dogs in a fun and safe environment.

• It heightens your dog’s sociability with humans and other dogs in everyday situations.

• It is an outlet for your dog to release frustrations and boredom. It is statistically proven that dogs who lack exercise and mental stimulation are more prone to behavioral problems, especially destructive behavior.

• It curbs destructive behavior.

• It is great for when you are having work done on the house, such as extermination, construction, plumbing, etc.

• It can make you more aware of any health, behavioral, or training issues your dog may have.

Dog daycare can offer several advantages over your average boarding kennel. Being completely cage-less, dogs can run, romp, play, and rough-house freely and this constant interaction provides infinite fun for dogs.

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