The Final Act of Kindness

When death comes, either naturally or accidentally to a pet we have loved and cared for, it is a very traumatic experience. It is also natural to want to ensure that these members of the family are treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

If you choose to have your deceased pet cremated, do a little homework. Check the internet and with other pet owners, family or friends. Speak to the crematory company directly – do not just rely on the veterinarian. It is your pet, and it is your choice where to have your beloved pet cremated.

As the owner you should be able to have some input into your services. Is it really an individual or just divided ashes? Communal? Choice of box or urn? Sealed or not? A clip of hair? A paw print? Is there a witnessed cremation? Expedited service? Can ashes be divided into 2 or more containers? How do you get cremains back? Are there provisions for cremating pocket pets, birds and rabbits at a reasonable rate? Are the rates for cremating a dog or cat reasonable also?

In most of our local area it is against the law to bury in your yard & people in apartments have no yard. Pet cemeteries are expensive. Cremation has become the most acceptable, economical, mainstream and humane manner of dealing with a deceased pet. Cremation with return of ashes allows you to forever have them with you no matter where you live.

Before being overcome with grief and distress – take some initiative – and do some homework. Find out what to do and make your own decisions. It will make the passing time easier for you.

By Linda Buel, Heavenly Days Crematorium



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