The Dog Daycare Phenomenon

In today’s society men and women go to work, kids go to school, and dogs go to doggy daycare! Why is this trend so popular? Dogs receive constant human companionship from their “dog supervisors,” and owners can focus on their careers during the day and come home in the evening to a well exercised and contented pooch.

At APPC, staff must be present at all times to keep the dogs happy and under control. They are trained to read canine body language, recognize signs that may lead to disagreements between dogs, and know how to keep those tails waggin’. Staff are also educated in pet first aid and positive reinforcement dog training so that they can provide the best possible care in a safe environment. Dogs are screened for temperament and social skills before being accepted into our program. They must be spayed or neutered after the age of seven months, fully vaccinated, and free of any communicative diseases. These lucky dogs get to run, play, roll, bark, and just be dogs when they come to doggy daycare!

A well exercised dog is a well behaved dog, and dog daycare is the ultimate form of exercise for dogs. Most daycare centers have large play areas and, if they are lucky, an outdoor playground where dogs can really run off their energy and get fresh air. Dogs come home tired and ready to unwind with their owners.

Just as exercise is important to dogs’ overall health and well being, exposure to different types of dogs in a controlled environment is beneficial to their social skills. It’s important to socialize dogs when they are young puppies to help them adapt to new situations. After that, you still need to keep your dog socialized, and dog daycare is a great resource. Once dog daycare becomes a comfort zone, then other strange places often are not.

Leaving their owners can be very difficult and even traumatic for dogs with separation anxiety, but once they realize that daycare is a place where only fun stuff happens, leaving their owners is not such a terrible thing.

Finally, if you have only one furry child, the one thing you cannot provide at home is the interaction with fellow canines that dogs crave so much. The best thing about dog daycare is the friendships formed between dogs and the smiles it puts on their faces.

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