The Cost of Convenience

There are so many conveniences in today’s modern world that we often forget that convenience sometimes comes at a hefty price.  The modern world has taken a toll on animals in their environment as well as in our homes.  We believe that our pets are supposed to eat from a bag marked “dog food” or “cat food,” trusting that these bags contain everything our beloved pets need to survive.  Processed pet foods have come a long way, but some pet food manufacturers choose to invest their money in fancy advertising instead of high quality ingredients.  These companies pump out tons of products marked “balanced and complete,” but are they really?

Sadly, many of these products contain ingredients that should not be consumed day after day.  Unnecessary ingredients are often used to boost the “value” of a pet food.  For example, many non-meat ingredients such as corn gluten and wheat gluten contain protein, which actually increases the protein content of the food – giving it a higher and better looking number – but does your pet benefit from that type of protein source the same way he does from protein derived from fresh meat?  These ingredients may not pose an immediate threat, but after prolonged exposure, they can create many undesirable reactions leading to obesity, diabetes, urinalysis tract issues, kidney disease, cancer and more.

We can prevent many of these health issues by changing the way we think about pet foods.


By: Liora Robinson, Whole Pet Central


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