The Basics of Bird Care

Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size and the cage they inhabit, owning a bird is a big responsibility. Our feathered friends require proper care in order to live a long, healthy and happy life.

Birds are particularly fussy about their environment. They require consistent and comfortable temperatures, proper humidity levels and supervised access to fresh air and direct sunlight. Simply sitting the cage near window won’t due.

Cages should be large, strong, made of non-toxic material and designed for safety and ease of cleaning. Plan to accommodate the wingspan and tail length of your bird to ensure they can stretch out whenever the need strikes. Everything placed in the cage (perches, bowls and toys) should be safe, size-appropriate and properly placed for optimum cleanliness and usage.

Just like any other pet, birds need a minimum of exercise, activity and entertainment, as well as good hygiene, proper nutrition and regular visits to an avian veterinarian.

Because bird species vary significantly in their requirements and temperament, be sure to read up about the specific bird of your fancy before taking on the responsibility of bird ownership. To learn more about the basics of bird care, log onto www.

These tips were provided by the Fort Hunt Animal Hospital of Alexandria. (703) 360-6100

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