Team Spirit: The Winning Formula for Wellness Care

Friendship’s commitment to high quality care is well established. When your pet is sick or injured it’s reassuring to know that Friendship is not only open with great staff available 24 hours every day, but that those services are of the highest caliber. Friendship received the highest ranking from the American Animal Hospital Association following its most recent evaluation.

Equally important is the care that Friendship Hospital for Animals in Northwest Washington provides when your pet is well. Friendship has created a specially trained Wellness Care Team. Like physicians assistants, Wellness Care team providers do not take the place of a veterinarian; rather they expand the ability of the vet to adequately cover all areas of animal health

The “Wellness Team” concept focuses on the many aspects of animal wellness and preventative care—diet, flea and parasite control, routine health examinations, vaccinations, laboratory testing, dental inspections, behavior and grooming advice. Friendship utilizes the Wellness Care Team to round out and complete a pet’s health analysis and health maintenance. The goal of the Wellness Care Team is to make it easier to care for your pet during the 99% of the time that he or she is not sick.

According to Dr. Peter Glassman, DVM and Director of Friendship Hospital for Animals: “The Wellness Care Team sees the importance of preventing disease and the early detection of disease as definitive elements of total animal quality life assurance. Dogs and cats for example, age much more rapidly than human beings. It is particularly important for veterinarians to monitor pet health while the pet is well —prior to the advent of disease.”

Dr. Glassman continues: “While helping sick or injured pets is part of Friendship’s mission, helping owners keep their pets healthy through preventive health care, diet advice, parasite control and other routine services is also part of that mission. We think that our new Wellness Care Team will go a long way in helping us to help you. Friendship wants to provide lifelong, comprehensive health care and to educate pet owners in wellness care. Our common goal is to add years to the life of your pet, because pets add years to your life.”

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