Taste is a Major Factor in your Animal

Animals can be extremely difficult to treat with standard medications that are commercially available from drug manufacturers. Most companies do not take into consideration that their products may be used to treat your household pet. Taste plays a major factor in determining whether or not a particular drug is going to be accepted or refused by your pet. Using compounding pharmacies increase the likelihood that your animal will easily take his or her medicine on schedule and without stress to the pet or to the owner.

Most Commonly Used Flavors in Veterinary Compounding:

Dog: beef, chicken, liver, cheese.

Cat: tuna, chicken, bacon, cheese, liver.

Ferret: chocolate, honey, raspberry, peanut butter.

Rabbit: carrot, vanilla, apple, raspberry.

Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs: Orange, peach, apple, alfalfa.

Repitles: tutti frutti, honey, cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon.

Birds: banana, honey, orange, pina colada, millet.

Horse: apple, caramel, cherry, alfalfa, butterscotch

These flavors can be incorporated into several different dosage forms, such as; oral suspensions, solutions, gel troches and pastes. Another new innovation in veterinary compounding is a chewable flavored treat that looks and smells very much like a store bought treat except that it has been made to include your pet’s medication.

Article compliments of Foer’s Pharmacy providing compounding to The National Zoo. 301-657-3500.

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