Surgery – Advances in Veterinary Surgery

Cold, hard steel—THE SCALPEL BLADE—the surgeon’s instrument of choice. Generally, this statement is still very true. The scalpel blade is the main instrument that most veterinarians use for cutting during surgery. It is sharp, sterile and dependable. However, new advances in surgery and technology have allowed for newer instruments to begin replacing the scalpel blade in the hands of your favorite veterinary surgeon.

Radiowave and Laser surgery are two of the newer Hi-Tech forms of surgery that can be found at some of the most progressive veterinary hospitals. Both of these new technologies utilize energies generated by sophisticated machines to help do the cutting for us. These energy waves allow for more precise incisions with less bleeding, less tissue trauma and better results for your pet. The surgery and anesthesia time along with surgical complications are reduced improving the outcome of most surgical procedures.

These technologies have become increasing popular for many different types of surgeries. These include tumor removal and biopsies, feline declaws, eye surgery, soft palate surgery and many more. There really is no limit to the available uses of these new 21st Century scalpel blades. So next time Fluffy or Kitty will require surgery, discuss these options with your veterinarian to see if these new technologies may help improve their surgical outcome.

Compliments of Jay H. Margolis, D.V.M., M.S. Centreville Square Animal Hospital

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