Spay & Neuter – Animal Friendly License Plates Bring Big Bucks For Participating States!

Animal friendly drivers are showing off their license plates in many states. Some of those participating in this program are New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, etc. A portion of the money from the license plate goes to the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats. As many as 10 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in America due to a lack of good homes and at a cost of approximately 2 billion dollars. Prevent a Litter Coalition (PaLC) president Melissa Klein explained it this way: “Animal Shelters and rescue groups do a wonderful job of adopting out animals, but it is like trying to empty a river with a bucket.”

Animal lovers need to support this life saving program, since animal shelters and rescue groups cannot adopt out all of the animals they receive. The real solution to the problem is preventing the excess from being born. The revenue from the plates will help fund spay/neuter efforts, spread the word about reducing pet overpopulation and allow drivers to show how much they care about animals

In the State of Virginia the tag offering is as follows:

A person contacts the Department of Motor Vehicles by going into one of the facilities or accessing their website (see address below). You will need to pay an extra $25.00 for this plate, $15.00 of which is a donation to a spay/neuter facility in the jurisdiction in which your vehicle is registered. The DMV disburses the funds raised in each locality once a year. The plates are available over the counter and may be personalized with up to six characters for an additional cost. For example the plate could say (Meow), (3 cats), (4 pets) or (TOPCAT) and (DOGONE). Goodluck and let your plate tell your tail!

The web site address is : splatesl info.asp?id=57 PALC – Prevent A Litter Coalition 703-818-8009.

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