So you think you want a Pet Bird…

Pet birds have many advantages. They may sing or actually talk, they don’t need walking, and they sleep at night and they are beautiful. Yes, birds need daily care (food and water) and they do like to get up early, but they can be the perfect pet.

In an apartment or condo, even if dogs or cats are not allowed, a bird is often permitted.

Finches, parakeets or cockatiels are great choices, but don’t even think about a cockatoo, whose exuberant calls will disturb the neighbors. A private home permits more choices, but be sure the whole family participates in the decision. If a bird that talks is important to you, your five year old with a high pitched voice can teach a parakeet to speak. A parakeet can live more than 15 years; it will greet your children when they return from college.

Choose an active bird with clear eyes, nostrils and clean feathers at a store you can trust. Locally raised birds are a g o o d c h o i c e ; many are handfed as babies and a r e p e r f e c t l y tame.

While not all veterinarians see birds, ask for a referral to an Av i a n B o a r d Certified Vet. You can also check the birds tip sheet on With any bird you are sure to have a brighter day.

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