Senior Pets The Next Big Marketing Trend In The Pet Industry

Catering to senior pets is the next big opportunity for manufacturers, retailers and veterinarians. Savvy shop owners already knows that Rover’s status has been elevated from that of a “ mere critter” to “a member of the family”, they are expanding their product line to include more geriatric products.

Much has been written about the spending habits of pet parents. Available data indicates that in 2011, pet parents spent $48 billion dollars on their pets. From all indications the spending habits of pet parents continues to increase, even during these distressed times. Spending on pets is expected to reach $50 billion dollars in 2012.

Since we view pets as family we are also willing to provide them with better veterinary care. We take them in for yearly physicals and when they become senior citizens, we no longer automatically put them down.

Currently, Japan is riding the senior pet marketing wave, but the US is not far behind. Japanese manufacturers offer an array of products which cater to terminally ill dogs including specialty beds that prevent bed sores from occurring. They are also exploring cutting edge technology in which to grow new kidneys for pets afflicted with kidney disease

In the US, teams of lawyers routinely conduct seminars on estate planning for your pet in the event that you predecease “Rover”. And, to make sure that Rover receives perpetual care, The University of California School of Veterinary Medicine offers retirement homes and lifelong care for surviving pets for a mere $100,000.

Some will still say that the world has indeed gone mad when it comes to spending for pets. However, I say that if you wouldn’t put Grandma down because she no longer has control of her bladder, why not do the same for Rover? Just grab a diaper and go with it!

Dana Brewington, Do-Rites Diapers

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