Selecting an Electronic Pet Containment System

Hi! I’m John Purtell. I started the electronic pet containment business in 1976. I can help you unravel the maze of buying a system before plunking down your hard-earned money.

Several companies manufacture reliable systems selling them through independent dealers. It’s a great product used to contain pets on their property, or to keep them out of gardens or pools. It can even be used indoors to keep pets off furniture or out of special rooms.

Rule out Electronic Pet Containment if your dog is a biter. This product is not for vicious dogs. Also, it won’t work if your property is too small. A rule of thumb is ¼ acre of property but smaller pets can feel comfortable in a smaller area.

Before you buy – start shopping. Prices vary greatly for fully installed systems and can range between $750 to $1400 for the same property size and one dog. You’ll pay more for warranties and guarantees but they’re worth it. Look for discounts and coupons to bring down the cost of a system.

Deal only with reputable companies and don’t buy from a company who does it part time. Compare warrantees, guarantees and operating costs. Look for lifetime warranties, lightning damage warranties, and money back guaranties. Also compare battery cost and replacement programs. Replacement frequency, cost and availability all differ.


Considering the guarantees and the potential effectiveness, I’ll go with fully installed product every time. Self-installed product does not come with money back guarantees. Why do you suppose that is? The answer has to do with the materials used and, more importantly, how the pet is trained. If installed properly and the pet trained correctly, the system is almost miraculous. If not, it can lead to very disappointing results.

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