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When deciding to train a dog for the first time it is important to select tools that will make the job easier for both the dog doing the learning and the human doing the teaching. In the hands of a skilled and agile trainer a length of light rope or moderately heavy cord will suffice to do the job. The dog will in rapid order become calm, mannerly and well behaved. What happens if the trainer is not so skilled or perhaps not so agile?

The search for the best training tool must be widened. Currently, the modern electronic training collar is at the top of the list of gentle training tools that give a clear message and quickly lead to the dog becoming a mannerly citizen. The electronic training collar should never be mistaken for an electric shock collar, sometimes called a shock collar. The two are both worlds, and light years apart, both in method of construction, and in use. Where shock collars are concerned, for purposes of this article, it is enough to say they are designed to cause pain, intended for use as a punishment only, not useful for doing anything other than stopping a rather limited number of un-wanted behaviors. Exit shock collar.

Enter electronic training collar, also known as the ecollar. It is a very recent development in the world of dog trai-ning. With good instruction even the first time dog owner is able to develop comfortable proficiency in its use. The training starts out introducing the dog to electronic communication via the ecollar. Very quickly this progresses to teaching the dog to come when called. Leave a fun game and come. Stop chasing that squirrel and come. Stop barking at the fence and come. Come all the way to the caller and be happy to do so. The dog that truly comes when called will receive more time to exercise his body and his mind. This encourages a calm behavior.

The dog is then taught sit really does mean sit. When the dog hears “sit”, that is exactly what he does, at once, any place, and no matter what. Now he can be stopped from even more unwanted activities, plus the sit becomes the foun-dation for many fun games. More mind and body exercise.

In fairly rapid succession our dog learns heel, down, stand, place, move, off, stay. By now, the teaching has become an enjoyable thing to do. Our dog is fnding that learning new things is something worth doing. Guess what? The dog will be doing all these things without a leash in as little as six weeks. He will be happy, relaxed and a joy to have around. Don’t let anyone lead you astray, come to Applewoods Dog Training and learn the joys of gentle, dog friendly ecollar training. Learn which ecollar is a reliable product and which one isn’t reliable.

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