Scary places, people and things!

Many owners struggle with living with a fearful dog.  It can be incredibly challenging when your dog is afraid of some of the inevitabilities of life – the vet, groomers, loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms, or various people or dogs.  Fearful dogs can be so fearful that they react with aggression in an attempt to make the bad things go away or even cause injury to themselves to get away.

We’re often told to do work to “socialize” or “desensitize” our dogs with these problems, but these rarely work and if they do, they usually only make small improvements over a long period of time.

Fortunately there are innovative training and behavioral tools which focus on informing the animal about its surroundings in conjunction with teaching the animal relaxation techniques.  Using these techniques, the animal can actually learn that it is NOT in danger and that being calm is not only a safer but also more pleasing and comfortable response.  These tools can make rapid and intense changes in animals and make life better for them and their humans. Being open to new possibilities in training and behavior can yield amazing results and no situation is hopeless!

With 25+ years of experience, Mark takes an open minded and innovative approach to helping animals and their humans.  For more info visit

Mark McCabe – Canine Behaviorist.


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