Safe Homes, Safe Pets for Victims of Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence can now leave their abusive situation and be assured that their pets will be cared for in their absence.

TurnAround, Inc., a non-profit provider of services for domestic violence survivors, has created the “Safe Homes, Safe Pets” program. This program will provide foster homes for the pets of domestic violence victims, so that adults and children may seek shelter with the knowledge that their pets will be safe. A recent survey reported that 20% of victims delayed leaving their abusive situations for fear that their pets would be harmed in their absence. By offering foster homes for their pets, TurnAround, Inc. hopes to encourage more victims to seek help and leave their abusive situations.

The “Safe Homes, Safe Pets” is a local partnership between TurnAround, Inc. with the Humane Society of Baltimore County, the Snyder Foundation for Animals, and the Baltimore and Carroll Counties’ Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Hotline.

For more information on the “Safe Homes, Safe Pets” program, please contact TurnAround, Inc. at 410 377-8111, or Humane Society of Baltimore County at 410-833-8848

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