Puppy Mills – A Tragic Reality

Puppy mills are breeding farms that are characterized by substandard care and conditions. Here dogs are bred repeatedly for profit – not for the pride of the breed. These innocent creatures become part of a sick trade that supplies pet stores and research laboratories with a steady supply of animals.

The awful truth is that thousands of dogs across the U.S. suffer horrible forms of abuse including starvation, cannibalism and lives spent in extreme physical and psychological distress.

Under cramped, filthy conditions, dogs are forced to breed – resulting in unhealthy and genetically defective pups. Through the boiling heat of summer and the bone-chilling winds of winter, they are denied veterinary care, socialization with humans and comfortable shelter.

How do these mills stay in business? If you purchase a puppy from a pet store, you are keeping the puppy mills in business. The puppy you buy today will be replaced by another poor soul tomorrow. Any reputable breeder will NOT sell puppies to a pet store. If you are looking for a “new addition”, find a reputable breeder or visit the shelter. Contact a national breed organization for more information.

Until national legislation is in place that would BAN THE SALE of puppies, kittens, dogs and cats in pet stores, puppy mills will continue. This legislation should ONLY allow pet stores working in conjunction with charitable organizations to adopt out animals.

Please help stop this cycle of greed and cruelty. Write to legislators to demand increased inspection of kennels under the standards set in the Animal Welfare Act. Express dissatisfaction at the lack of USDA enforcement of the AWA – unbelievably, only 70 USDA inspectors currently are responsible for nearly 4000 kennels per year.

This article compliments of Cheryl Spencer Scher, Director of Education of The National Humane Education Society, (703) 777-8319, or

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