Planned Pet Parents

The Olney-Sandy Spring Veterinary Hospital (OSSVH) has developed a progressive reproductive management program called “The Breeder’s Edge.” Breeding stock selection, by reputable breeders, is based on such factors as conformation, temperament, and lack of hereditary defects. The American Kennel Club allows registration of litters bred by artificial insemination using fresh, fresh-chilled, or frozen semen. This allows the breeding of dogs that are geographically separated, but without the cost and risk involved in shipping them. It also provides more information on the quality of the semen and/or the state of the uterus, and can be physically safer.

Breeders and veterinarians can now focus more on predicting accurate timing for breeding. Starting with pre-breeding exams, the veterinarian ensures the female dog’s overall health. Ovulation timing, which is based on vaginal cytology and serum progesterone levels, aids in predicting the best time for conception. Various artificial insemination methods are available, including vaginal, transcervical, and surgical. Ultrasound is used to verify pregnancy and to help diagnose reproductive problems. Caesarean sections are planned for females at high risk for birthing complications.

Male reproductive services include breeding exams and collection and evaluation of semen. The semen can then be used for insemination in
the hospital, or chilled and shipped to another veterinarian. OSSVH is affiliated with C.L.O.N.E. and collects, freezes, stores, and ships frozen semen for future use.

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