Pet Sitting Has Gone Hi-Tech: How does your pet sitter stack up?

There was a time you gave your teenage neighbor a few dollars to feed your pets when you went on vacation. Now, pet sitting services are among the fastest growing businesses in the pet industry.

Amy Wallace, burned our at her job as a paralega, took some time off from work and began watching her friend’s dogs. She enjoyed it so much that she started, a dog walking and pet sitting service.

Paperwork is always a part of business. Amy has automated much of her business. New client questionnaires are completed on their website – and invoices are emailed to clients.

Amy designed a comprehensive database to maintain client profiles. Profiles include important information about you and your pet to help make sure that your caregiver follows the same routine you do, such as: dog walking schedule, feeding schedule, vet information, quirks about your home (like the upstairs toilet handle that occasionally needs jiggled), your cat’s favorite hiding places, how kitty litter should be disposed, and days of trash and recycling pickup. The database alerts the user to update the profile regularly.

While efforts are made to assign a regular caregiver to you, occasionally, that may not be possible. Having your profile on computer allows Amy to email it to the new caregiver.

While the business of is computerized and modern, the service is old-fashioned, dependable, and caring.

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