Pet Pharmacy – Getting the Most Out of Your Pets Medication Through "Compounding"

When a medication prescription is given by your veterinarian the most important thing to remember is to give it the way it was intended. If you give a medication that was supposed to be given two times a day only once daily there will be little to no therapeutic benefit leading to a longer recovery time. The most common reasons for not dosing an animal correctly are:

• The animal refuses the medication • It becomes too difficult to fight with and track down the pet multiple times a day • Regurgitated doses

At Alexandria Medical Arts Pharmacy, we work every day with animal care specialists and pet owners to make medicating your animal easier, leading to increased compliance and decreased stress on the animal as well as their owners. We accomplish this with “compounding”.

Compounding is changing a dosage form to one that is more readily accepted by your pet.

Instead of chasing down your pet with a capsule, tablet or bad tasting liquid, you can use a flavored suspension such as; chicken, tuna, beef or cheese with their medication dispersed through it. In some cases, drugs may be applied topically using transdermal gels, which are usually applied to the inside of an ear or to areas where less hair or fur are found. This can be accomplished with authorization of your veterinarian. We compound your animal’s medication based on their likes and dislikes. Together we come up with the perfect dose form that best suits you and your pet. This leads to a quicker recovery time for acute health conditions (infection, surgical pain) and an easier way to manage maintenance medications for chronic health issues (heart disease, diabetes, arthritis) that many pets and owners must deal with for the duration of the animal’s lifetime. Alexandria Medical Arts Pharmacy is dedicated to improving the quality of life for you and your pet.

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