Pet Nutrition – Healthy Pets are Happy Pets!

When you walk into DogGone Natural, you are greeted with a warm, caring and educated staff that cares about your pet. Co-owner Kimberly Mrozinski is brilliant when she explains pet nutrition, and the products. She educates people on the different foods, supplements and treats, explains the benefits and helps people decide what’s best for their individual pet.

Nestled in the corner of Old Town Ashburn Shopping Center is DogGone Natural, a nutritional pet store which specializes in keeping a pet’s diet as nature intended. From fresh foods to all-organic, grain-free dry foods and treats, the store offers pet owners with the opportunity to buy natural foods and essentials for their dogs and cats.

Kim was thrilled with the grand opening this past summer. The store has generated a huge buzz around Northern Virginia. Pet owners have been fascinated with the amount of knowledge she has for nutrition and health. “I’m honored to be given the chance to introduce higher quality products for everyone’s pets”.

Kim has been called the “guru of pet nutritionists”, helping hundreds of pets with allergic issues, joint, arthritic, skin and coat conditions, sensitive stomach ailments, and emotional conditions. “Food is the underlying factor that determines the health of a pet. It’s the first step to look at when a pet is exhibiting signs of illness. So many foods on the market today offer nothing but deceptive advertising that misleads the pet’s owners into thinking they are feeding a nutritious food”.

The store looks like the “Dean and Deluca” of pet stores, but their prices are very reasonable and people are often surprised to see that overall they actually save money. As Kimberly says, “a higher digestible food not only leads to a healthier pet but people soon realize they do not need to feed as much of this food.” “Eating food is about nourishing the body, its cells and internal organs, not about filling your pet with unnecessary ingredients.”

by James Sullivan

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