Pet Health Goes Mobile

Do you get more anxious than your pet about going to the veterinarian? Is your pet gentle and sweet until it realizes that you just arrived at the veterinary hospital? Does just thinking about trying to get your cat in the carrier, spending time in the waiting room with barking dogs after a long day at work, or being pulled in two different directions by the dog and the children make you want to hide under the bed, too? There is an answer.

Let the veterinary hospital come to your home. In the twenty-first century, veterinary medicine is taking on a new twist. Full-service mobile veterinary practices combine the state of the art technology of a hospital with the old-time style of a country veterinarian. Mobile veterinary practices utilize a vehicle similar to an ambulance or motor home that has been customized to serve as an exam room, treatment area, pharmacy, and surgical suite. This allows mobile veterinarians to offer most of the same services as stationary hospitals right at your home. Treatments range from physical examinations and vaccinations to outpatient surgery and dental procedures.

House calls enable a veterinarian to observe a pet in its own environment and as the patient is less stressed often aides in diagnosis of certain diseases. It also means that your pet is less frightened and is free to run back to its favorite hiding place as soon as the exam is complete. Furthermore, there is no exposure to sick animals when all your pet needs is a yearly vaccination. And there are benefits for you, too. You get to wait for the veterinarian in your favorite chair listening to your choice of music and leave the traffic to someone else.

This article compliments of M. Christine Foster, D.V.M., Companion Paws Mobile Veterinary Service, 703-450-6360.

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