Pawsitive Healing Energy with Reiki

Reiki is not a cult, religion or magic. It is a powerful universal healing energy for the mind, body and spirit that can benefit all living things. Rei, comes from Japanese characters meaning “universal”, and Ki meaning “spirit or energy”. It goes back to over 100 years ago, where a Buddhist man created this spiritual practice to heal himself and others. Anyone with the right mind set and inner spirituality has the capacity to use Reiki in humans, animals and even plants. Reiki tries to provide a holistic healing possibility through hand channeling energy that activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This results in improved health and wellness, a better-balanced and harmonious patient.

Canines are perfect candidates and can be helped tremendously with Reiki. You can in fact help that furry friend that has changed your life by showing you the purest form of compassion, forgiveness, selflessness and love. Through Reiki, you can give back. Reiki for dogs has been a great success because of a dog’s positive acceptance of this energy. It is well known what a keen sense of intuition our dogs have. They sense our intentions, good or bad, and so they in turn welcome and receive this healing energy that they so much need. Our intention and approach when offering Reiki is of extreme importance. If our approach is not well intentioned or is forceful, it will be rejected, even if your dog was open to receiving this healing energy. This energy cannot be given by force, it is a passive offering where dogs become our teachers through a deep connection, and show us what they need and what’s best. Dogs need to come to you, and as you touch different energy centers with your hands, Reiki will go where it is needed. For Reiki to work, a dog’s openness to this energy is key and ultimately responsible for their healing process. Balancing your dog with Reiki has many benefits: reduces stress, provides healing energy for physical pain, illnesses and injuries, maintains health, calms, brings spiritual healing and also eases the transition of a companion passing away. Reiki is not a miracle practice that will cure all and everything, but it is an aide to modern medicine to heal and find each being’s highest good. This natural, non-invasive, touch therapy can promote healing in all animals, the best gift you can ever give your animal companion.

Eneida Ramirez, owner/founder of K9ZENTIME dog massage therapy serving the DMV area. She has incorporate Reiki healing for dogs in her dog massage sessions. Her objective in life is to make dog’s lives happier for all that they selflessly give to humanity. What better way to do it, than healing them both physically and internally. She deeply and truly believe in these holistic practices that in her experience, have a remarkable and profound difference in your dog’s life. For the short while they are in our lives, give the gift of internal balance and harmony with dog massage therapy and Reiki. – 571-406-4856.

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