Parrot Behavior – Nothing Personal

Most parrots, even those who are considered aggressive, area usually acting defensively as opposed to offensively. In the store, I deal primarily with very young babies. Many times I’ll hear potential customers say that a bird wants to bite them and their conclusion is it doesn’t like them. The reality is that the babies behavior has nothing to do with them as a person. These babies are reacting to the situation in which they find themselves. Many of them are just learning to perch and they are afraid of falling off the hand they are perched on. Some feel uncomfortable perching on someone who is obviously reluctant. One way I explain this to children is to tell them that if their mother is standing behind them telling them to sit in a chair but she keeps moving theat chair the natural reaction is to grb the chair before they try to sit in it. Still others pick up a baby and immediately try to pet it. A baby needs time to adjust and most do so quite readily.

As a parrot matures, there are usually new issues to deal with. Sally Blanchard’s new book, “The Beak Book”, is an excellent guide on how not to create biting problems but more importantly for those owners dealing with a problem, a guide to solving the problem. Not only does the book provide help but also encouragement for a successful resolution.

The best advise I can offer about biting at any age is don’t get angry and most importantly don’t take a bite personally.

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