New Millenium Brings Veterinary Specialists

Like all other health professions, veterinary medicine has experienced dramatic advances in knowledge and expertise over the past 20 years. Veterinarians are now able to provide their patients access to the same health services physicians provide to human patients

How do they do it? Most of us grew up in an era of veterinarian medicine characterized in books and television programs such as ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. From these important roots, today’s veterinarians are discovering how modern medical advances can further enhance their ability to provide the best pet health care. Now there are simply so many medical advances that veterinary specialization has evolved.

pet benefit from veterinarian specialists? Perhaps the most common way is through offering referrals to veterinarian specialist centers. These centers connect the skills of board certified specialists and your local veterinarian. Your veterinarian is an important resource for information on specialists available in your area that may benefit your pet. Specialists provide state of the art expertise in cardiology, dermatology, holistic medicine, internal medicine, neurology, oncology (cancer treatment), ophthalmology, surgery and a host of other veterinarian specialties. Within a center setting, specialists can further extend what they can offer their patients by offering coordinated consultations. Their diagnostic results and treatments are then discussed with your veterinarian and a full report outlining follow up care is created. What a referral offers your pet is state of the art care in an optimal setting. The outcome for your pet can be literally life saving!

Provided as a community service by Dr. James McConnell Friendship Animal Hospital

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