New Arlington Daycare Rises Above the Rest

The Board Hound is the newest edition to the dog “daycare row” in the Shirlington area of Arlington. A luxury pet care facility designed especially for your pet’s safety and comfort.

Founder Meg Long, a longtime resident of Metro DC left the area to pursue her college education in entrepreneurship in Connecticut. After college she relocated to Atlanta to enter the corporate world. It was in Atlanta that Meg became the proud owner of Bruno, a 40 lb. cattle dog mix. After working through separation anxiety, leash aggression, dominance training and a failed attempt at dog park socialization she and Bruno discovered dog daycare, providing Bruno a safe and positive environment to socialize freely. Daycare stimulates all dogs physically and mentally allowing an outlet for excessive energy. “Even laid back dogs benefit from being in a pack environment forming lifetime canine friendships” says Meg.

After 7 years in Atlanta, Meg decided to move back to the area to be near her family. Meg soon realized she couldn’t find a daycare in this area like the one she patronized in Atlanta – pristine facility, private suites, flexible hours and more. Now the owner of 2 dogs and with her entrepreneurial background the idea formed to create a daycare in Northern Virginia that lived up to the standards she had become accustomed to down south.

Finding the right building was crucial to this project; commercial space in Arlington is hard to come by. The building on S. Four Mile Run Drive is 3300 sq. ft. and has been redone to fit all the needs of a premier dog care facility. This state-of-the-art home away from home is full of creature comforts. The facility has radiant heat hydronic floors for the entire building and front entry (no need to shovel in the winter). Radiant heat controls the temperature by heating water running through pipes installed under the floor. It is extremely energy efficient and the lack of moving air keeps dander from circulating and provides optimal climate control. They have Epoxy slip resistant textured finish flooring throughout the building that is mold and mildew resistant with no lingering odors.

For overnight boarding three sizes of private boarding suites are available and they have the ability to connect two suites for dogs in the same family. Clean laundered bedding is available to guests spending the night, at no extra charge.

At The Board Hound your dog can get a variety of baths. Their self wash tub, towels, shampoo, conditioners are provided to the general public, for just $10. Additionally, the building is equipped with security and web cameras of all play areas and boarding VIP suites viewable online. And to top it all a Rooftop Play Area – an outdoor play area with a view of Shirlington high rises!

Other extras: FREE temperament tests, all day play (unless rest needed or requested), constant supervision, late weekend hours (open until 7 pm on weekends, 7:30 pm weekdays), ½ mile off 395. To learn more visit

By Archana Asokan, Staff Writer

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