My Dog Has Bitten…Not Necessarily A Death Sentence

Many people think that because their dog has bitten someone or severely injured another dog, that society’s way to safely handle the situation is to euthan-nize the dog.This is not the case.

Dogs bite for many reasons but the most common reason is that they are protecting their owner or their owner’s property.The dog feels that this is his job.Sometimes he is so incensed while he is doing this, that he will even bite the person he is protecting if they try to keep him from doing his duty.

Once you convince your dog that you don’t need or want this protection, the dog will stop the aggressive tendencies.This can usually be communicated to the dog easily, but if the owner acts fearful in any way, the dog will feel that he must still protect.When you tense up in prepara-tion to restrain your dog, he interprets this as fear. Even though the reason you became tense was to control your dog, the dog believes that the approaching person or dog is a threat.

Training the dog to stop this behavior, starts with the owner becoming con?dent in his or her ability to control the dog in any situation.There are many techniques used to discourage aggression in dogs and most of them work, but what really changes the dog’s behavior is the praise that lets the dog know that he is doing the right thing by not attacking the people or dogs that he may encounter.

A professional trainer can help expe-dite a solution to this type of behavior and since they are experienced with ag-gressive dogs, it is the safest way to deal with this dangerous problem and the best way to save your dog’s life. Give your dog a chance.

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