Love Your Pet…But Hate the Smell?

Does your home or office need a breath of fresh air?

Living in the Washington Metro area presents many opportunities for smoke, mold, dust or other allergens to make their way into our homes and offices, resulting in odors and health hazards. The EPA named indoor air pollution as America’s number one environmental health concern. Fifty percent of all illnesses are caused by indoor air pollution.

An EcoQuest Air Purifier can protect your family and pets. EcoQuest uses the same technology NASA uses to purify the air inside spacecraft. EcoQuest products were also used in the cleanup process in New York and the Pentagon after 9/11 and are currently in use at the Ground Zero Museum and the Liberty Bell visitor staging area.

This unique process has been proven to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces as it travels throughout the environment, eliminating odors and airborne contaminants. EcoQuest provides the ultimate in whole house air purity that goes beyond traditional air filtering methods.

Homes, offices and pet-related businesses of all kinds have found EcoQuest Air Purifiers beneficial. Call your local representative to schedule a free noobligation, three-day in home trial and experience the legendary technology that five million satisfied customers wouldn’t live without.

Dee Sanford, Healthy Innovations, Independent Business Owner, EcoQuest International 703-818-9128 passcode is ‘guest’

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