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Your Dog’s Friend

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Your Dog's Friend
Helping to keep dogs out of shelters by educating & supporting their humans

A non-profit that educates and supports dog parents.

The goal of Your Dog’s Friend is to help keep dogs out of shelters by educating and supporting their humans. We have also been involved in efforts to educate veterinarians, rescues and other dog professionals, since dog parents turn to them for advice. We promote positive methods of training and behavior modification because they are effective, build trust and, unlike harsher, compulsion methods, cannot cause pain, reactivity, or fear in dogs. We also encourage early socialization and training for puppies to reduce the chance of behavior issues later.

Your Dog’s Friend offers behavior and training advice; sponsors free workshops on a variety of topics; gives The Shelter & Rescue Dog Book, written for Your Dog’s Friend, directly to adopters and to shelters and rescues; refers dog parents to positive trainers, pet walkers, and vacation care; runs positive dog training classes; sends an e-newsletter and maintains a website with announcements and information educating dog parents and professionals. Newsletter topics have included: anxiety in dogs; why the dominance theory is outdated; how to reduce barking; setting up your dog to succeed through management; warnings about dog parks; what to teach your newly adopted dog; and ways to prevent and correct resource guarding (when dogs guards toys, food and other “treasures”).

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