Kona Canine Cookies

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Kona's Canine Cookies

Vegetarian, wheat-free dog treats made from scratch.

No artificial additives, preservatives or flavors.

 Have You Heard? They’re All Natural – And Delicious!

konan cookiesKona’s Canine Cookies is a small, home-based business, focused on providing your pets with fresh, wholesome, healthy snacks that we’re sure they’ll love!

We offer two yummy flavors: veggie and peanut butter. All are made with natural, real ingredients that you might find in your own kitchen. We use rice flour (so the treats are gluten-free) and our veggies come from local farmers. There are no added sugars, salt, flavorings, preservatives or fillers. Your treats are made to order, so they’re always fresh. Plus we dehydrate each batch of cookies to add a bit of an extra crunch and to extend the shelf life.

Place an order online or find us in various locations in Vienna, VA. Please visit our website or Facebook page for more information.

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