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Do-Rite Disposable Dog Diapers
Premium disposable diapers tailor made to fit a dog's body.

Do-Rites® is a revolutionary, premium, disposable, dog diaper that actually fits your dog comfortably. The patented adjustable straps assure that the diaper stays in place and won’t come off until you are ready to remove it. In short, these features KEEP THE DIAPER ON THE DOG AND THE DOG IN THE DIAPER™.

Do-Rites® are constructed of soft absorbent materials which stretch to fit a dog’s body comfortably and the clever design of the diaper keeps both liquid and solid waste from escaping onto floors and carpets.

The Do-Rite Disposable Dog Diaper® (Do-Rites®) was developed through years of hands-on research. The creator of Do-Rites® invented the effective dog diaper out of love for her Pomeranian, Mr. Chips, who was incontinent after years of being diabetic. Do-Rites® were invented to extend Mr. Chips’ life, and they did so for many years. The Do-Rites® diaper is dedicated to his loving memory and to all dogs who are considered a member of the family.

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