Leave Your Birds Home

The idea for M2 Bird Sitters—started in 2005 by David and Mary Jo Stephenson of Ashburn—began when the Stephensons wanted to go on vacation and had trouble finding a sitter for their cockatoo. The result in just one year is perhaps the largest bird sitting service in the metro area.

As bird owners know well, David says, our winged friends, if left alone, often get bored, stressed and resentful, which can lead to screaming, biting and feather plucking. He likens birds to four year-old kids with their drive to explore new things.

The Stephensons have a combined 50 years of experience with birds, and Mary Jo also knows other pets very well. M2 also sits dogs and cats – “easy” compared with handling birds, David says. Both sit pets in Loudoun County, and they’ve hired knowledgeable sitters for Alexandria, Arlington, DC and Maryland.

M2 offers bird sitting in 15-, 30-, 45- and 60-minute blocks of time. In addition to feeding and cleaning cages, the sitters play with, exercise and take the birds outside, depending on the precise services ordered. There are discounts for multiple visits. Contact them at www.m2birdsitters. com or

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