Laser Therapy

Takoma Park Animal Clinic has a new healing laser, the MR4 ActiVet. A LASER is a medical device that uses light waves to enhance healing in the body. There are several types of medical lasers that you may have heard about. Surgical lasers are used to cut and cauterize tissue, which reduces bleeding and speeds up healing. Class IV lasers use a wand with light waves that are moved in a sweeping motion over the affected area. The MR4 Activet Healing Laser is a hand-held, portable device that is used directly on or over the body part.

Laser light is absorbed into the tissue and nerve cells, increasing their energy to repair damaged tissue. There are many uses of the MR4 Activet Healing Laser including treatment of arthritis, post-surgical pain, ear infections, bacterial infections, hot spots, and ligament and muscle soreness. Ask one of our staff veterinarians which treatment best fits your pet’s needs. Treatment sessions are typically 15 to 20 minutes long and are performed by trained technicians. Our laser is safe to use although all lasers must be used with care and caution. The MR4 ActiVet Healing Laser can be rented for home use for nervous pets that are more relaxed in their own environment.

Animals respond very favorably to laser therapy and the effects are seen soon after the treatments are initiated in many cases. There are over 5,000 studies and papers by researchers around the world who have documented the effects of laser and light on a variety of conditions. The MR4 ActiVet may be beneficial to your pet in a comprehensive treatment plan to enhance his or her healing and well-being.

By JoAnne Carey, DVM, Takoma Park Animal Clinic

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