Laser Surgery for Pets

Laser technology has revolutionized the dental and surgical field of medicine for humans in recent years. Thousands of people have benefi ted from the ‘laser boom’ and now this advance in medicine is available for a whole new group of patients – dogs, cats, and exotic pets. Pet owners should be aware of the possibilities for improved care by utilizing this technology.

Animals are treated with a carbon dioxide laser, the most widely used type of laser in the world. The laser produces an invisible beam of light at a specifi c wavelength that can remove or ‘cut’ a thin layer of tissue at a time, leaving the surrounding areas unaffected. This level of control allows the veterinarian to be extremely precise in every laser procedure.

Many surgeries traditionally performed with a scalpel can now be done safely and effectively with a laser. Laser surgery can correct common conditions such as tumors, cysts, warts, and infection that may occur around the eyes, ears, mouth, anus, and anywhere on the skin. Spaying, neutering, declawing and almost any other surgical procedure can be performed with the laser.

With laser surgery, animals may heal more quickly, experience less pain, swelling, bleeding, and return to normal activities much faster. The laser sterilizes as it ‘cuts’ so the possibility of infection is greatly reduced. Utilizing the laser can better treat abscesses anywhere in the body.

The laser allows removal of some previously inoperable tumors and has made many small growths very simple to remove without general anesthesia. It is especially helpful in the greyhounds with moderate to severe gingivitis. Normal dental cleaning and polishing is still performed, then the laser is used to treat the gingivitis for infection and inflammation.

As is true with any tool, the laser is not ideal for every procedure. Ask your veterinarian if your pet can benefit from laser technology if surgery or dental work is required. Your pet will ‘feel’ the difference.

Dr. Bill Benson and his staff offer laser surgery for a wide variety of clinical conditions. The doctors at the 24-Hour Veterinary Complex, Reisterstown, have trained extensively in the use of the laser and have performed over 4,000 procedures with the carbon dioxide laser.

For more information, contact Dr. Benson at 410-833-0500, 24-Hour Veterinary Complex.

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