Is Fostering For Me ?

Many humane societies, animal shelter’s, and animal control facilities use foster homes to help house the many animals in need. Not to mention, the many rescue organizations, whose only outlet to help save the homeless animals, is working

with a “foster network”.

Fostering an animal should not be taken lightly, and does require a commitment level. However, the experience is rewarding, and provides such a valuable service to the community as a whole, and a heart warmth feeling to the family fostering the animal.

To adequately foster an animal, the foster home needs dedication, patience, a good communication and working relationship with the organization they are fostering for, and lots of love and patience. The duration an animal is in foster care can vary from one week to one month, or even months, so the commitment to foster needs to be taken seriously.

Once you have decided to foster, the experience is very rewarding. The reward for both the animal and the foster home is a wonderful experience. Once your fostered pet has been adopted, you know, you are the one that helped save this animal’s life.

Fostering helps greatly in many ways. First it frees up much needed space in over crowded shelters and animal control agencies. Second, once an animal is within your care, you have . rst hand experience with the pet, and know which homes and families would be best suited for your foster pet. This information is extremely bene. cial to help place the animal into the best suited home for everyone. You will quickly learn the habits of your fostered animal, what their needs are, and be able to tell perspective adopter’s all about your fostered animal.

This helps to make a good connection, and lower the return adoption rate, when a proper match is made from the start.

Many animals are surrendered to shelters because the animal, and the family were not the right match for each other. Fostering helps the adoption process tremendously. As the foster family you are in communication with the potential adopter’s, are there for the meet and greets, and can help to identify if your foster pet and the family wanting to adopt are appropriate for each other. Many Organizations that have a foster network support the foster family, and provide many necessities, such as a crate, food, toys, and even training, if the pet would bene. t from additional training prior to adoption. Most animals, prior to being placed into the foster home, are fully vetted and spayed or neutered, and the cost is absorbed by the organization you are fostering for.

If you would like more information about fostering, and to learn more about foster programs, please contact Roxie’s Fund for additional information.

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