Is Doggie Daycare Right For My Dog?

Do you work long hours? Are you too tired after work to take your dog for a walk? Is your dog in a crate all day making you feel guilty? What is dog socialization and why is it important for your puppy? How can you housebreak a puppy when you are gone all day? Doggie Daycare might be the answer to all of your problems.

A Doggie Daycare facility has professionals capable of evaluating your dog’s temperament via behavioral evaluation forms and personal interviews. A full service facility will not only provide daycare that pairs your dog up with one or several dogs for playtime and to learn socialization skills while getting rid of all its excess energy, but also provide training options to break behavioral problems. Your dog should have other dogs to play with along with being walked at least twice a day to reinforce already learned housebreaking skills. Younger puppies require up to four walks per visit including walks when they whine or seem nervous. Dogs, like children, require a lot of attention to enjoy their stays at daycare while learning good habits from the experience. A proper daycare experience can also help in correcting some behavioral problems.

Sam, a Terrier, had been attacked by a band of Coyotes in Texas, and left for dead. A kind family found him and with proper veterinary care and a loving home he was nursed back to health. Although Sam was a people-loving dog, the attack caused him to be very dog aggressive. His owners brought him to daycare three days per week. At first, he was kept close to, but not with the other daycare dogs. Using a slow, desensitizing method, after 6 months he was able to be placed with dogs his size or smaller. His owners were able to walk him without fear that he would attack passing dogs.

Rex, a German Shepherd, came to daycare because of severe separation anxiety. He literally ate the finished basement of his owner’s house. His first week at daycare he tried to eat his way through the facility. Once his nervousness resolved and he figured out it was more fun to play with the other dogs; his focus changed from destruction to social behavior. His daily play got rid of all that excess energy and frustration, giving him the confidence that allowed him to be left alone. At first it was just one day a week, but eventually, he could be trusted to stay at home full time. His owners recognizing the benefits from socialization and playtime elected to continue him in daycare two days a week as a reward for being trusted.

Emma, a new puppy, was having diffi- culty learning housebreaking. Her owners tried to come home daily at lunch to let her out of her crate, but Emma couldn’t wait that long. She hated to walk on a leash and just planted herself in one spot. Her owners turned to daycare for help. Emma was taken outside at least four times per day on a leash and on additional walks when she fussed or seemed nervous. She quickly decided that she loved to go outside and would trot happily on her leash. With that base, housebreaking became a matter of fact. She additionally learned social skills playing with other puppies, finally sleeping through the night after a full day of playing.

So, how do you find the right daycare facility? Location is a major factor. For a fully trained and well-behaved dog, daycare provides play, socialization and maintenance of housebreaking. You may want to verify how many walks are provided and the process for deciding which dogs play together. Also, what is their philosophy for kennel time and length of time in kennels? If your dog has some basic problems, you might want to ask the facility if they provide specialized attention to help resolve the problems, (many facilities do not provide this as a part of daycare

How many days a week should your dog attend daycare? The controversy is dogs may become territorial and aggressive if they go five days per week. The risk can be mitigated by a daycare facility that has a number of play areas allowing your dog to be in different areas with different dogs throughout the week. An attentive daycare staff will be looking for changes in your dog’s behavior and can modify its play plan accordingly

Be aware that Doggie Daycare is not a substitute for training and it will never replace a long walk or that special playtime you have with your dog. But Doggie Daycare could be the answer you and your dog have been looking for!

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