How to Select a Quality Boarding Kennel

How do you choose a kennel for your pet if he or she has never boarded before?

Pets need consistency and human interaction, say the pet care experts at Best Friends Pet Care, who offer these tips for finding a kennel:

• Visit any kennel you are considering. Stop in during business hours and ask for a tour. If you are required to make an appointment to do this, the facility may have something to hide.

• Observe the staff interact with pet guests. Are they affectionate? Do they call the pets by name? You want to leave your pet with people who love animals.

• Can the facility meet your pet’s needs? Is there exercise or play time available? Will the staff feed special diets? Can the facility provide a go-home fresh bath and brush-out?

• Are vaccinations required? If not, your pet may be exposed to preventable disease.

• What happens in case of illness? Is there 24-hour on-call veterinarian care? Is the staff prepared to handle emergencies? What are they doing to reduce the risk that canine influenza will be introduced to their facility?

• Finally, ask for references—and check them. A good kennel will readily provide names and phone numbers of satisfied customers.

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