House Breaking Your Puppy

ust about everyone will agree that puppies are cute. Even most mature pups, as old as 12 months, can be considered cute. But, we all have the same fear. When will the cute puppy soil our carpet or floors? How do we let our wonderful pets free in our house without them soiling the carpet?

There is a simple remedy that most dogs can tolerate but it requires consistency. The first step is “crate training”. Find a crate style that suits you, is well built, and is big enough for your dog. The crate must be large enough for the dog to stand without crouching, turn around, and lay down comfortably stretched out. If the crate is too big, your dog will use a far corner of it as a bathroom. Do not put bedding (towels, blankets, or newspaper) in the crate. You definitely don’t want your dog excreting on any thing except grass.

You should feed and water your pooch in his crate 100% of the time. Dogs tend to not want to defecate where they eat and sleep. Make sure that your pooch has small drinks every three hours or so and nothing to drink one hour before bedtime. Try to feed your pooch at or around the same time every day. Essentially you must put your pooch on a feeding and watering schedule. Post the schedule on the wall above the crate for all the family to see. If you control when it goes in your dog, you can control when it comes out.

Finally, always remember that when you are ready to let your dog out of it’s crate, you must first be prepared yourself. Do not let the dog out of the crate before you have your coat and shoes on, leash in hand, etc., and can immediately take the dog outside. From the crate your dog must go directly outside! Never talk to a dog that is in a crate and has been for a few hours. You will excite the dog, which may cause him to have an accident before your eyes. Talk to your dog after you get outside and praise him while he is doing his business. Try to create a small bathroom area outside near your home. But not in an area that will create an eyesore.

You should be able to housebreak your dog in ten days or less. Patience and consistency are the keys. If an accident occurs in the crate or home, clean it up well. Do not use regular household cleaning products that tend to have ammonia in their products. The ammonia will magnify the doggie scent. Instead use cleaning products made just for doggie odors. Try not to let the dog actually see you cleaning up behind him as you may start a bad pattern in his mind. Also, make sure to wipe the pooch down with baby wipes before returning him to the crate to avoid scent transfers from his fur back to the crate.

Compliments of Todd Stewart 301-420-TODD (Trainer of Domestic Dogs)

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