Create your Own Oasis

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to step from your doorstep directly into your garden and hear the relaxing natural sound of moving water? Enriching your outdoor living space by adding a pond, water garden, or other water feature has become one of the fastest growing hobbies.

Whether you have very little outdoor space or many acres of land you can create your own corner of the world to manage your stress. Since Adam and Eve water and gardens have provided a source of inner strength and serenity to mankind. Today, Horticultural therapy is being practiced in hospitals. Rooms are equipped with ponds and gardens for the therapeutic healing of patients and family.

You can begin your journey to peace and tranquility by taking a scenic ride to Reflections of Nature in Eldersburg, Maryland. There, Paulette Ringley and her staff will help you find everything you need to design your own personal sanctuary. Reflections of Nature is a full service pond shop providing: custom designs, preforms, installation, aquatic plants, ornamental fish, natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria, UV lights, filters, pumps, fountains, and so much more. The staff is certified in design and installation, fish health, and water quality to assist you every step on your journey to tranquility. Or allow them to custom design and install your water garden for you. In a few days, you could transform your yard into a tranquil and serene garden sanctuary.

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