Home to Home Kennel Club – The Newest Concept in Kennel Alternative

As always, necessity is the mother of invention. When Kat Brooks and Wendy Keesler joined forces to create Home to Home Kennel Club, Inc. it was the final fruition of a dream. In 1971, Kat, a Certified Master Dog Groomer who has worked at several different kennels over the years, left her Champion Weimaraner, Blanco, in a local kennel. Blanco had a long run in which to exercise along with other dogs in adjoining runs. This was an ideal situation for his breed. Disaster struck when Kat returned to find that Blanco had died from dehydration after being left in the run for the day with no water.

Kat harbors no ill will towards kennels saying, “some dogs do very well in kennels, but others are overwhelmed by kennel situations and lack of attention, particularly smaller dogs.” Their new Home to Home Kennel Club, Inc. provides an alternative to kennels and offers your dog a home away from home in your absence.

Home to Home Kennel Club, Inc. has a client network of dog lovers who welcome your dog into their home for a night, weekend, or longer and care for your dog like they care for their own pet. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your dog is receiving companionship and attention in a home environment.

Each dog is individually matched with a compatible caretaker. Numerous factors are taken into consideration when matching dogs with caretakers, such as, whether your dog is accustomed to other dogs or pets and children. The staff at Home to Home Kennel Club, Inc. interviews every caretaker and their environment to insure confidence that the dogs will be well cared for in the owner’s absence. If you love dogs and would like to care for them in your home, apply to be a caretaker by calling Home to Home Kennel Club, Inc. at (571) 323-0033.

This new concept of caring for a dog while the owner is away provides your pet with the comfort and companionship he deserves and treasures.

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